It was a humbling and rewarding experience to travel around our area with Noble President Chuck
Stuckey and other members of the Bruce Shrine Club to make donations towards Health Organizations
in our area. Bruce Shrine Club donations to these local Heath Institutions were most graciously accepted
and we were humbled by the honored reception we received at each facility. In our travels, we were
complimented on our appearance and most of all for the work we as a club do in our communities and
the world at large. Helping kids is how we are known and seen in the many communities we live and
serve in. These are the same communities and people who support us and our efforts as Shriners.
Raising awareness locally of the great philanthropy of Shriners Hospitals for Children and making every
effort to help children get the help they need so that they can enjoy life to the fullest, has always been
our focus. One of the Bruce Shrine Club’s greatest assets is our reputation in the eyes of the community
and our Masonic Fraternity which is our only avenue to grow our numbers.
We want to be able to offer our Masonic Brethren the opportunity to join the world’s greatest
philanthropy. We want them to witness and share in all the fun and fellowship that is part of all our
yearly events and initiatives that raise money to support our Special Kids. We want to share with our
brethren and families all the tears of joy that we shed and see when we witness the results of our
efforts while helping local families or when visiting one of our many Hospitals. Working hard and having
fun putting smiles on Children’s faces. It’s what we do!


468 Colborne St, London, ON N6B 2T3

President - Chuck Stuckey
1st Vice President - Steve McFadden
2nd Vice President - Ken Ritz
Secretary - Bill Blackwell
Treasurer - Frank Eagleson


Mocha Shriners is one of 196 Shrine Temples located in Canada, United States, Mexico, the Republic of Panama, Puerto Rico, Philippines’ and Germany. Mocha has a membership of 2750 Nobles (members) and has jurisdiction of Southwestern Ontario plus the District of Algoma in Northern Ontario.

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Mocha Shriners
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London Ontario Canada N6B 2T3
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Potentate Illustrious Sir Dylan McLay   519 672 1391

Recorder Noble Mark Schrank


Website Noble Harry M. Thomas


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