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As there were no Shrine Temples located in Canada until 1888, there were several Masons living in
Windsor who became members of Moslem Shrine Temple from Detroit from 1880 to 1888. We believe
Windsor had some of the first Shriners living in Canada, thanks to Moslem Temple, Detroit, Michigan
welcoming Masons from Windsor to join their Shrine Temple.
In the year of 1908, a charter was issued to Mocha Temple in London, Ontario and therefore the birth of
our Mocha Shrine Temple as we know it today.
Just two years later in 1910, a group of Shriners living in the Essex County region petitioned Mocha
Temple to form a Shrine Club in Windsor, Ontario. The original name of the Shrine Club in 1910 was
known as the “Windsor Shrine Club” and Noble J. F. Reid was the first President of the newly formed
“Windsor Shrine Club”. He served that office from 1910 to 1924. It is interesting to note that during the
term as President of the Windsor Shrine Club, Noble Reid brought in 516 candidates who became
members of our Mocha Shrine Temple.
President Noble Reid always stated at any Shrine gathering that he attended, that Windsor had one of
the first Shrine Clubs in Canada and certainly Windsor Shrine Club was definitely the first International
Shrine Club in America.
History shows us that if you wanted to become a Shriner before 1888, you had to go to Detroit, Michigan,

and join Moslem Temple. If you wanted to join the Shrine after 1888, you had to go to Toronto, Ontario
and join Rameses Temple and those wishing to join after 1908 went to London, Ontario and joined
Mocha Temple.
It is interesting to see how the Windsor Shrine Club became the Moramos Shrine Club in 1919.
Taking into consideration the closeness of the three Shrine Temples mentioned above and many of our
local Windsor Nobles who joined the Shrine at Moslem, Rameses, or Mocha Temples, they derived the
new name for the Windsor Shrine Club to be Moramos Shrine Club.
Our first President of our club, Noble Reid was elected to the Mocha Divan in 1914 and served as
Potentate of Mocha Temple in 1922 and thus bestowed great honor on our Moramos Shrine Club.

Since those early days, Moramos Shrine Club is proud to have several of our Nobles from the Windsor
area serve on the Mocha Divan and thus become Potentate of Mocha Temple.
To date, the Moramos Shrine Club has had the honor of having a total of ten Nobles from our local
Shrine Club serves Mocha Temple as Potentate of our Temple.
1922 Ill. Sir John F. Reid
1930 Ill. Sir William R. Woollat
1938 Ill. Sir Dr. Frank A. Millard
1952 Ill. Sir Albert Pearson
1960 Ill. Sir Garnet W. Fraser
1968 Ill. Sir Harold B. Porter
1977 Ill. Sir Jack E. Murphy
1985 Ill. Sir Thomas Pape
2004 Ill. Sir Donald J. Warner
2009 Ill. Sir Kevin M. Wilson
The Moramos Shrine Club has had many locations over the last 110 years that our club has been in
existence. In February 2010 we vacated our Shrine Club after selling our property and building on
Rhodes Drive and leaving behind many fond memories we moved on. Since 2010 we have had held our
monthly dinner meetings at several locations throughout the city of Windsor, but we have found our
new home for the past four years at the Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge No. 1499 located at 700
Tecumseh Road, West, Windsor, Ontario.
Our dinner meetings are open to all Nobles in good standing with their respective Shrine Temples and
we welcome you to join us on the second Thursday of the month (except July and August) at the hours
of 6:00 pm for social time, dinner served at 7:00 pm with our meeting to follow.
All our meetings are a Fez affair, so please remember your Fez when attending.


777 Tecumseh Rd West

Windsor, ON

Call (519) 948-1303

Treasurer: Sir Don Warner P.P.

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