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Mocha Shriners is one of 196 Shrine Temples located in Canada, United States, Mexico, the Republic of Panama, Puerto Rico, Philippines’ and Germany. Mocha has a membership of 2750 Nobles (members) and has jurisdiction of Southwestern Ontario plus the District of Algoma in Northern Ontario.

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No admittance to the Mocha Shrine Centre.

In accordance with Provincial

Regulations and as directed 

by the Potentate the Mocha Administration Office and Mocha Shrine Centre  is closed until further notice.

Mocha Office:
Mocha Shriners
468 Colborne Street
London Ontario Canada N6B 2T3
Office 519-672-1391
Fax 519-672-7723

Potentate Illustrious Sir Dylan McLay   519 672 1391

Recorder Noble Mark Schrank


Website - Noble Harry M. Thomas

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Saturday - Closed

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